Participation in the event: “Bulgaria’s place in modern microelectronics”

The head of the Neurotechnologies group at IICT-BAS, Associate Professor Dimiter Prodanov, participated in an event organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and the Aerospace Technologies cluster on the topic “Bulgaria’s place in modern microelectronics”.

The event was held on January 26, 2024 within the framework of the ECoVEM project and was a hybrid event, with more than 25 participants – well-known representatives of the business and academic circles, and successful Bulgarians from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, USA and Japan.

The focus of the discussion was the cooperation between academia, education and business. Some participants presented their work and what opportunities it opens up for the development of microelectronics in Bulgaria.

Veselin Iliev from BCC presented the ECoVEM project, encouraging the participants to look at and use the training courses developed within the project – over 1600 hours in various fields of microelectronics and its applications. Veselin Iliev invited the participants to join the next event of the project “The Business Meets Scientific Innovations” – a three-day event for establishing business contacts between scientists with practical developments and entrepreneurs, which will be held on March 28 and 29, and on April 3. The areas of development are: microelectronics, ICT, aero- and space technologies, medical equipment, sustainable energy, autonomous vehicles, clean technologies, mechatronics, artificial intelligence, other areas of application of microelectronics.

The participants agreed that this type of discussion would become periodic every two months. Before the next meeting, the BCC and the CASTRA cluster will agree on the main directions in which the interested parties should direct their efforts, incl. recommendations to the government and European institutions.